VSI Crusher Makes The Mining Industry More Attractive

Currently, with the rapid development ofChina’s economy, the financial crisis has gradually gone. Driven by the policy of stimulating domestic demand, the government increased the degree of importance on machinery industry. In recent years, coupled with the expansion of production scale, the demand for artificial sand is getting larger and larger.sand making machinery market space also will be more broad, so as to promote the development of the Sand, making it become a pillar industry of thenational economy.

And the crushing cavity model of this vsi sand maker has been improved, which makes the material possess the best angle of impact. It can reduce the friction of wear parts, directly reduce the cost of equipment used. Henan Hongxing 6S sand maker design is in line with the environmental protection requirements advocated by our country as well as the taste of the greens. We have to say that it’s a success of Henan Hongxing. Our sand making machine not only has the advantages other manufacturers have but also has advantages they do not have. Our environmental design is leading the domestic market.

sand making machine

The sand making plant supplier is a big step forward of sand making equipment industry, both in product quality and production efficiency. Compared to the former equipment, this machine has the advantages of high capacity, low energy consumption, low investment, which is the preferred equipment forcement, refractories, abrasives, glass raw materials, construction aggregate,sand mechanism, metallurgy and other industries.

Henan Hongxing responds to the national call of environmental protection, and begins its independent research and development of environmental protection sand maker which is the new 6S sand maker. Our vsi crusher, through improving the feeding mode as well as the development of new rotor technology, is large in capacity, high in output.

Throughout the development of society, sand making industry has good development trend. Henan Hongxing has been in this industry for more than 20 years, and has develop many series sand making machine, from the impact sand making machine to the VSI series sand making machine. Now we absorb advanced technology of Germany, and design a new seriessand making equipment.

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How Much Do You Know about The Hot Air Dryer?

Once again, the sand drying machine Innovation tail low temperature drying barrel length of about 1/3 L shape of lifting board, ordinary L type material-raising plates are vertically fixed around 90 degrees, can be sequentially by 30 °, 90 °, 120 ° angle welding.After this a few innovations, from the inside to the outside can make us feel the industrial dryer take on an entirely new, most notably after the revolution drying device not only greatly improved the output table, and a certain degree of lower coal consumption, reduce air pollution.Bring more benefits and value.

Heating stage, the main evaporation surface water, just entering the low temperature material and high temperature material medium fast switching, material surface, a layer of water film is formed, and a sticky material and ‘crust’ phenomenon,sludge dryer heating stage, the main evaporation surface water, just entering the low temperature material and high temperature material medium rapid heat exchange, material surface, a layer of water film is formed, and a sticky material and ‘crust’ phenomenon, so the district as long as the variable high arc material-raising plates combined with partial reverse lifting plate, a fully raised and throwing material, the cylinder section formed on heat transfer condition good material screen, while increasing the collision and the friction material the opportunity, make full use of the high arc material-raising plates anti-sticking combined crushing the material, from surface water through the radial baffle device quickly into the uniform drying area.


Secondly, the sand drying machine will feed end helical blade to send lost, changed to three (supply: Three Section Whip product) angle plate, available 6mm thick steel plate manufacturing, short leg height and the feeding end ring with the height, and are welded, long leg length is 800mm, and the drying cylinder welding, 50mm welding lap distance, hot air dryernatural form 1 cone feeder.Its effect is to slow down the materials in the high temperature belt velocity, and fully absorb heat, the heat exchange rate of progress, and can reduce the drying machine front temperature, prevent burning cylinder and a retaining ring.

Hongxing Machinery lays much emphasis on the machine quality and service for clients. We provides indirect heat drier, limestone dryer with good quality, and we believe that quality is the best way to develop market. Thank you!

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What Are The Important Indexes for VSI Sand Maker?

Henan Hongxing has the strength and ability to provide Henan with high quality infrastructure aggregates. And they are trusted and supported by the majority of Henan customers.While producing crushing equipment, Henan Hongxing machinery also provide customized parts of crushers to customers, providing wearable accessories customers needs. Henan Hongxing has won the favors of the majority of customers in Henan market during the short time when it explores Henan market. Henan Hongxing is making effort to make customers more satisfied.

We have changed the crushing chamber and impact plate, which make the stone crush along its fragile level. The finished product is cubic shape. The needle flake proportion of Hongxing sand maker price finished products is less than 10%. However, the needle flake proportion of jaw crusher and cone crusher is higher than 15%. Henan Hongxing focuses on the quality. We remind all users of vertical shaft impact crusher that use the sand making machines reasonably, which can extend the lifespan of machine, reduce the maintenance cost and production cost.

sand making machine

Henan is China’s most populated province. June 26, Zhengzhou, Henan, China became the first Asian city to achieve a two-lane surrounded bus transportation system. This fully proved the huge developing spaces of infrastructure construction in Henan. Henan crusher still has a quite broad developing spaces in Henan.Sand making machine is essential in a sand making plant, therefore, the working condition of vertical shaft impact crusher affects the capacity of sand making plant. Henan Hongxing has found a successful method to make the sand making machine work fluently.

In the era when infrastructure construction developes rapidly, Henan Hongxing high efficient sand making equipment becomes an inevitable machine for river gravelsprocessing. To ensure a sustained construction, choosing high-quality sand making equipment becomes the prior choice for investors in this industry. Henan Hongxing Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd has become the ideal assistant FOR China construction industry. Sand making equipment becomes a new investment point for current building materials field.

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The Operational Control of Cement Rotary Kiln

With the accelerating process of industrialization and information, industrial waste emissions continue to increase, according to the statistics, our country each year 784 million t of industrial solid waste, hazardous waste 10.15 million t, most of these hazardous waste containing to the survival of human beings and the natural environment has the serious influence of heavy metal elements, how to scientifically dispose of the waste, realize harmless and resource recovery, is a hot topic of the whole society.

So,rotary kiln production should have a best value,It’s easy to burn with sexual material,combustion quality changes,etc.,should explore determined in the operation.Kiln in the kiln feed should gradually increase the feed rate of the early,but should try to avoid long low feed rate of phase.As long as a good grasp of the relationship between the fuel, feed, air volume and enables the system to achieve reasonable thermal equilibrium, even on a large scale within an hour of the lime pit can also be added to the optimal output (sometimes is the highest yield).

rotary kiln

As mining equipment manufacturers, Henan Hongxing through the comparative study on the technology of both at home and abroad,for the cement kiln equipment produced by us dig out some of the waste disposal technology,applied to the combustion of waste treatment there is no problem, but in advanced treatment of secondary emission, also require the participation of domestic high-end scientific research institution,so that the whole production line can meet the national environmental protection requirements.

In the feed capacity is low, due to low system heat body, balance is easy to develop in the direction of high temperature.Especially when there is product of material system, suspended in the heat flow is less than the amount of material in the balance at that time and fuel quantity, and material is easy to overheat, easy adhesion on or tremie pipe preheater and form a crust.

Hongxing Brand is the China Famous Brand, and Hongxing believes that reliable and stable quality is the key to success. Our products like cement making equipment, raw material mill are well known at home and abroad. Welcome to visit for cooperation, thank you!

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A Complete Set of Rotary Cement Kiln for Sale

In preheater duct and decomposition furnace materials dispersed evenly suspended in the air, heat transfer efficiency is high, but if the feed rate is low, less system ventilation rate, wind speed is low, scattered in all parts of the effect is not good, resulting in the system thermal efficiency is low, easy to accumulate and collapse.lime rotary kiln of high heat consumption in addition to the units in the low output of clinker cooling is big, another reason is that material dispersion is not good, the heat has not been fully utilized.

Because waste types of mixed and disorderly, process is complicated, is not a simple sorting can be solved. At present, some developed countries have relatively complete process and equipment, and have made some achievements, but also in China catching up, but less developed countries, there is still a long way to go.General kiln or for other reasons, that just opened lower productivity,rotary cement kiln conditions easily.Characterized by negative pressure table fluctuate frequently, kiln drive current (or torque) cannot be stable, sintering temperature and high and low.The phenomenon is caused by the collapse of material.

rotary kiln

Rotary kiln inform raw material system adjust the opening of electric dust collecting export fan damper, guaranteed kiln-owners’ exhaust fan outlet suction – 150 – - 150 pa, when kiln-owners’ exhaust fan outlet temperature reaches 200 ℃ plus or minus 10 ℃ humidifying water tower.After the clinker into the cooling machine, gradually increase the grate speed and grate cooler air volume, should be raised at this time two or three times the wind temperature;Stable kiln hood negative pressure;Prevent heap ‘snowman’.

For machinery equipment, to achieve the best value is one of the most satisfying effect, for most, the signal equipment on various aspects performance can achieve a good condition, additional equipment or operation is also value the matched with the condition of the equipment.In cement production line, the operating state of rotary kiln is very important, as is known to all, management and operation of rotary kiln is very troublesome, because involves the performance of the equipment, materials, auxiliary equipment, personnel, management, operations, technology level and so on.

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Odszukaj idealne podręczniki

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