Advantages and Working Principle of Coal Mill

It is known to all that Coal mill is an important auxiliary equipment for coal-powder furnace, and it has three methods to crush the coal lump and grind them into powder,like crushing, impacting and grinding. Air swept coal mill is the main equipment in cement plant for both drying and grinding of the powders. Compared with the ordinary ball mill, it has advantages of higher capacity, more convenient operation, safer usage, and more reliable performance.

The raw coal enters the mill via an airtight feed screw and is discharged onto the centre of the rotating grinding table. The rotation of the table accelerates the flow of material towards the grinding track where the coal is ground between the table and the three rollers. The coal then continues over the dam ring and is entrained in the hot drying air that enters the mill house through the nozzle ring. The air lifts the coarser particles back onto the grinding table and sweeps the finer particles up to the separator that lets the final product proceed to the mill outlet while returning the coarse fraction to the table for further grinding. Having left the mill at the top, the final product continues with the air to a cyclone or a bag filter where it is collected.

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Air-swept Coal Mill Plays a Vital Role in Power Plant

Air-swept Coal Mill is an important auxiliary equipment of pulverized coal furnace. The grinding process of the coal is the process that the coal is crushed and its surface area increases gradually. To add the new surface area, it is necessary to overcome the binding force between the solid molecules, which requires the consumption of energy. Coal is grinded into the coal powder in the coal grinding mill mainly through three ways: crushing, shredding and trituration. Among these three ways, the way of crushing needs lowest energy consumption, while the way of trituration requires the most energy. The two ways mentioned above are generally used in the various kinds of coal grinding mills . According to the rotation speed of the parts in the coal grinding process, the coal grinding mill can be divided into low-speed coal mill , medium-speed coal mill and high-speed coal mill

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Utilizing air-swept fossil fuel generator ought to very first resolve the issue from the fineness from the fossil fuel powders. The actual fineness from the fossil fuel powders includes a excellent effect on the actual coming heat and also the combustion period. Growing the actual fineness from the fossil fuel powders may boost the shallow part of the strong cola within the fossil fuel powders as well as help to make it’s get in touch with region using the atmosphere improve, that is favorable in order to enhancing the actual combustion pace from the fossil fuel powders.

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Two Main Problems often Appear When using Cooling machine

Cooling machine is regularly used in compound fertilizer production lines, to cool fertilizers with a certain temperature and granularity. If used in combination with a dryer, cooling machine can largely increase cooling speed, reduce labor intensity, and improve finished-product quality. Meanwhile, it can further reduce materials’ water content. Additionally, cooling machines are also applicable for cooling many other powder materials and particles.

The clinkers are lifted for many times in the lifting area, and evenly thrown about, and the cooling air will have strong heat exchange with the hot clinkers. Especially in the low-temperature area, through improving the structure and arranges patterns of the lifting boards and adjusting the inclination and rotary speed of the cylinder, the contact time of the clinkers and cooling air can be increased and the moving speed of the clinkers can be controlled, so that the heat inside the clinkers will have sufficient time to transmit to the surface, thus sufficiently recycling the heat of the clinkers with low temperature. This type of countercurrent heat exchange working principle is the ideal method for heat recovery of clinkers as the heat recovery efficiency is very high, but there are still problems lifted below.

1. The slow cooling of the clinkers in the high temperature area leads long length of the cylinder. Due to reason of texture, the temperature for long time use of the lifting board inside the cylinder should be about 900℃, and the temperature of the clinkers discharged from the kiln is generally 250℃~1400℃, which requires to set up a bricklaying zone without lifting board at the feeding mouth end of the cooling machine. This bricklaying zone not only increases the heat loss of the cylinder surface, but makes the clinkers cannot get quenching, thus influencing the quality of the clinkers.

2. There are many problems in the feeding chute of the hot end of the cylinder. As for modern dry process rotary kiln, especially the kiln using multi-channel coal-injection ducts, the temperature of the clinkers discharged from the kiln can be as high as 1350℃, which often crust at the chute end. For this reason, at the chute end there are usually installed many air cannon or timely deals with the crust with high pressure, which will damage the refractory materials.

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Air-swept Coal Mill Plays a Crucial Role in Building Materials

It is known that coal is also called“black gold” which reflected its importance to human life. In fact, most of China’s power supply depends on thermal power. Hydro-electric power requires favorable location, and nuclear power is not safe enough, so only thermal power is the perfect and mature power generation by far. As coal-producing province, coal production in Shanxi has had a larger impact to the country’s electricity supply, and FOTE air-swept coal mill and coal crusher can also benefit from it.

Adopting air swept coal mill wind for grinding powder, and reducing the pulverized coal fineness, plays a crucial role in the cement rotary kiln production line, is proportional to the burnout time of the pulverized coal and grain diameter of quadratic, pulverized coal combustion. The smaller the pulverized coal fineness is, the larger the pulverized coal specific surface area is, the greater the pulverized coal with oxygen in the air is, the greater the contact area can reduce the ignition temperature, combustion is easier.

Air-swept coal mill produced by FOTE Machinery can be widely used in concrete building materials, thermal power generation, metallurgy, chemical industry and so on. Air-swept coal mill has reasonable structure and high grinding efficiency, so it is ideal equipment for pulverized coal preparation. FOTE air-swept coal mill is edge driving mill driven by electric motor through reducer and gears. The grinding machine used wind-swept-type structure with a drying storehouse, so it has greater adaptability on coal with certain moisture. The grinding house of FOTE air-swept coal mill is followed by the ladder liner, double ladders, ruffle liner and other combined layout, improving grinding ability of the grinding machine.

Using FOTE air-swept coal mill, low quality coal, coal with high ash content, coal with poor net calorific values or low volatile bituminous coal and anthracite coal can be used in cement production line. With excellent FOTE air-swept coal mill, even “defective raw materials” can become wealth.

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The Features and Main Types of Cooling Machine

According to the cooling method, a cooling machine can be divided into two types: monocular cooler and grate cooler. A cooling machine is regularly used for cooling fine chemical materials in building material production, metallurgic and chemical industries, cement production lines, and compound fertilizer production lines, and more. It is applicable for cooling materials like slag, limestone, coal powder, and clay, etc. It has three features as following:

1. Smooth operation

2. Energy saving

3. Supporting equipment in rotary kiln

(1) Monocular cooler

Monocular cooler is suitable for cooling the clinker that is just discharged from rotary kiln and at the same time, it can absorb the air carried by the high-temperature materials to prehet the combustion air that will go into the kiln to a high temperature to strengthen the calcinations and reduce heat consumption, so that it is an important matching machine of rotary kiln.

This cooling machine produced by one of the professional rock cone crusher manufacturers, Fote Machinery, is widely used in such industries as dolomite, kaolin, bauxite, refractory, cement, limestone, ferrotitanium powder, vitriol ore, activated carbon, coke, ore powder, aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide and special cement.

(2) Grate cooler

The fourth generation of grate cooler consists of clinker conveyor, clinker cooler and driving device. Compared with traditional grate cooling, the biggest difference of this cooling machine is that the clinker conveyor and clinker cooler are two independent structures.

The overall structure of grate cooler is divided into upper case and lower case and between them there is grate bed.

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Main Features and Development Aim of Jaw Crusher

Crusher has been applied in various industries, and brought a lot of convenience for our life. Now, the development of crusher equipments not only confine in crush operation, but also should perfectly realize good crushing effect. Therefore, Hongxing crusher contantly innovates technology and upgrades products, thus make our products win the market. Domestic crusher industry after years of baptism and development, has entered relative stable development state. However, in order to meet the growing market demand, crusher manufacturers must constantly develop new science and technology. Only in this way, crusher can tightly follow the times, and realizes its great development.

1.Jaw Crusher wide uses

Jaw Crusher is widely used to qurry, mining, metallurgy, construction,highway,railroad, water conservancy, chemistry industry, and so on.

Crush stone, ore, other metal, and all kinds of mine. Its wide uses make jaw crusher become the main force in mining equipment.

2. Jaw crusher is made from high quality material

Jaw crusher’s main body is made from Q235; dynamic jaw and fixed jaw are applied high mangenese steel ZGMn13. Zhengzhou Hongxing is devoted to pursuit high quality products, so our jaw crusher is manufactured by high quality raw material.

Through the market can be found that crusher has become one of the most influential mining machinery in the crusher industry, and this also boosts the rapid development of crush widely used in highway construction, high-speed railway construction, mining, infrastructure construction of water conservancy and hydropower, and etc. But because people’s knowledge background is different in the various industries, the operators cannot be skillful for operation of jaw crusher. Henan Hoxngxing’s technical personnel spoke the following suggestions at a jaw crusher promotion conference.

Jaw Crusher which is manufactured by Zhengzhou Hongxing contains PE series coarse crushing jaw crusher and PEX series fine crushing jaw crusher. Jaw crusher is the main crusher in mining equipment, most of mine need jaw crusher for coarse crushing or fine crushing. Jaw crusher is indispensable . Jaw crusher can stand on an important position, following are its several factors.

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Which Part Is Easy to Go Wrong for the Micro Powder Mill?

The production level of our country’s micro powder mill has always been at the medium level, so the sales volume is always in the extended downturn for quite some time. But with the introduction of foreign advanced technology and constant innovation, in recent years, China’s micro powder mill manufacturing industry is in a stage of vigorous development, and the design of the product level, the equipment assembly process, the workpiece machining technology and system performance all have had a very big enhancement. The micro powder mill has an obvious improvement in automation. The ore powder mill does not need manual operation basically, we only need to gently press the buttons on the computer or CNC operating system then the mill can efficiently complete the task in a short period of time, and the product effect is very good.

At present, the micro powder mill industry of our country has been slowly out of the extensive development pattern, and gradually turned to the technical development model. And many micro powder mill factories have new insights for the development of the micro powder mill, so they begin to take the technology-based and sustainable development road, set the new and high technology as their guidance, and set the environmental protection as their development purpose. The United States tends to produce and export the high quality products, and import the low cost and low quality products. This is like a ladder, and all the countries are climbing the ladder, while some developed countries, such as the United States is at the top of the quality ladder, they manufacture the quality products; and the developing countries are in the bottom of the quality ladder for they make products with low quality.

With the increasingly mature market economy, the world economy has entered the era of brand economy. The brand has become the main factors of enterprise competition in this era, and has become the decisive power of enterprise development. So if the enterprise wants to have the sustainable development, it must attach importance to the brand power.

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The Structure Analysis of the Micro Powder Mill

Lime powder is a kind of white powder material, its main component is calcium carbonate, and its application range is very wide. It is mostly used in the construction industry that is the so called industrial calcium carbonate. Additionally, another kind is pabular calcium carbonate, it is a common calcium supplement, and is widely used. While, the pabular calcium carbonate, the commonly used calcium nutrient supplement, also has two kinds: one kind is heavy calcium carbonate, and the other is the light calcium carbonate.

The micro powder mill belongs to the large equipment, whose price will be more than hundreds of thousands of Yuan. Customers will inevitably meet some problems when they use the equipment, so how to help the customers solve practical problems in the production is also the content of the after-sales service. The technical service and the after-sales service can not only ensure the interests of customers, but also expand awareness and establish a good reputation for micro powder mill manufacturing enterprises. While, as more and more flour mill manufacturing enterprises joined the market, the disharmony notes, “no restraint, no planning” appeared on the whole market, because the relevant departments did not scientifically guide the industries that have important relationship with the national economy, then we do not have a policy with practical significance on the promotion of the technology level. Being lack of the guidance of corresponding specification, the huge market is maybe an opportunity or crisis to the industry.

Fote is a large-scale industrial mill equipment manufacturer, and the micro powder mill, one of our super fine grinding and processing equipment, has brought huge economic benefits to the industrial milling industry, which not only saves natural resources, but also improves the comprehensive utilization ratio of raw materials. But with the continuous development of modern industry, the super fine grinding and processing technology will certainly have a bigger development, and we can clearly see that the market prospects of super fine grinding equipment is very bright.

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Do You Know Some Famous Brands of the Micro Powder Mill?

In recent years, the micro powder mill industry has burst out of the shadows, and has a gradually expanding development trend. Then, a lot of elite enterprises emerged on the market, their research and development progress are very quick, and the new equipment and new products are constantly appeared on the market, which shows the exuberant vigor and vitality of the micro powder mill industry. Affected by a series of positive policies, our country’s micro powder mill industry presented the recovery trend in last December.

With the increasingly mature market economy, the world economy has entered the era of brand economy. The brand has become the main factors of enterprise competition in this era, and has become the decisive power of enterprise development. So if the enterprise wants to have the sustainable development, it must attach importance to the brand power. Now, the concept of the micro powder mill industry begins to change, the Chinese market still remains the basis of rapid development, and the annual sale of the micro powder mill still has the possibility of growth, but this kind of growth will inevitably have its inflection point when the micro powder mill market tends to be saturated. Before the inflection point appeared, the marketing is one of the core of market competition for enterprises; after the inflection point appeared, the after service and aftermarket will become the core of market competition.

Facing such situation, we micro powder mill manufacturing enterprises should take comprehensive measures to reduce the development cost of the micro powder mill. And the main measures are: implement the energy saving plan, reduce energy costs; encourage innovation investment, promote the technology diffusion, and reduce the risk of developing new technology. We should dedicate to the design and production of the micro powder mill, which is of high technical content and is needed by the customers.

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Where Can the Micro Powder Mill Be Used In?

Lime powder is a kind of white powder material, its main component is calcium carbonate, and its application range is very wide. It is mostly used in the construction industry that is the so called industrial calcium carbonate. Additionally, another kind is pabular calcium carbonate, it is a common calcium supplement, and is widely used. While, the pabular calcium carbonate, the commonly used calcium nutrient supplement, also has two kinds: one kind is heavy calcium carbonate, and the other is the light calcium carbonate.

The micro powder mill, newly designed and produced by Fote, successfully solved the high cost problem of domestic super fine powder, and has made tremendous contributions to the domestic milling industry. At present, our various kinds of grinding equipment is used in the industrial powder industries, such as: micro powder mill,Raymond mill, vertical mill, high pressure suspension grinder mill, etc. Welcome new and old customers to choose. Under the current situation of market fluctuations, if the micro powder mill manufacturing enterprises want to keep the high speed development trend in the crisis, they must change the traditional development way that relying on the broad market to get the long-term development. It is also the transformation of the core competition in the micro powder mill industry, for the technical service of the equipment is also the competitiveness.

The modernization and popularity of numerical control technology of the international milling equipment are the main proposals of exhibitions in recent years. The improvement of ore mill production level is the best show, so we should develop all kinds of numerical control technology of mining machinery. Science and technology constitute the primary productive force. We will be eliminated by the society if our science and technology is unenlightened.

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